Saturday, January 7, 2017

Step off that Crazy bandwagon, will you?

I love to run. It comes naturally to me. After girls, (and hence) into troubles, sometimes towards goals. Always, away from responsibilities. And being asocial as I am, away from people. Well, a certain section of people. Ones who happen to be self-professed “Da Crazy people”! I think they just like to flatter themselves with such fancy titles. And by the looks of it, they suck at that too, if you ask me. Anyway, if you are one of them, you are probably not going to like what’s coming next. But I would still like you to give it a read. It’s the mirror you needed to see before it was too late and my Facebook wall got flooded with your fucking idiotic posts. It’s about people like you, who use words, in all the wrong contexts, without understanding the actual meaning and significance of those words. It’s about people like you who throw around words in social settings. It’s about people like you, who are nothing but a bunch of fucking phonies.

Every decade or two brings in its own generation. The hippies of 60’s and 70’s, the geeks and nerds from the personal computer era. It was all fine. At least it wasn’t empty. Frauds would exist, but they would not make the whole population. And most importantly, you could not just dismiss the whole concept. It stood for something. The hippie movement with its motto of “Peace, love, harmony, freedom, and community” bringing with it the pleasures of weed, pot, an overly liberal a sexual orientation and what not, stood for something. The nerd era with its own collection of Star wars, Star Trek, DnD’s, computers, chips, stood for something. But what about this “crazy culture generation”? What does it stand for actually? Stupid pictures, updates, and statuses? Pictures with a bunch of people sticking their tongues out? And if that wasn’t enough, captioning it “Me N Mah CraZy FrIeNdS”Mah? Seriously? So does crazy stand for this weird shit? Really?
To explain why do I sound so pissed off about all of this, let’s just take a quick detour into the history to try to know more about the legend of the word crazy. Let’s go back to late 1800’s. Nikola Tesla comes up with these inventions and ideas like the Alternating Current, wireless energy transmission, radio among many others, that not only challenge the status quo but laugh in its face. Tesla was regarded as one of the greatest innovators and inventors in the history of mankind. He was called crazy. 1905. Einstein comes up with this relativity theory that turns the laws of physics on its head. He and his theory are called crazy before it was proved to be true. A man, going by the name of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, through his sheer will and determination and ingenious ways of protests, not only wins his country its independence but inspires a whole generation with his idea of nonviolence. Early 1970’s. Two ordinary guys named Steve (Jobs and Woz) come up with the idea of personalizing computers. They are laughed upon. Called crazy. They go on to found a billion dollar company, Apple Inc. 1997. This word captures the imagination of people everywhere when Apple(founded by those very ordinary folks named Steve) comes up with the advertisement “Here’s to the crazy ones” which is basically an ode to the crazy ones, who changed the world. And there’s one recent example as well. An advertisement by Coca-Cola, in which among many portrayals of craziness, the epitome clip was a man offering his beverage to the guard as he is coming out of the restaurant.So now that we have learned about the legend of the word, am I wrong in being disappointed by the usage of this legendary word, in all wrong contexts? Those pictures are just weird and the people are just weird. And phony! Nothing more! Not crazy! Period!
So my two cents to these people, even though they are too busy making weird faces, posting even more weird status updates:

"Not everything that glitters is gold. Not the people you see on your wall feeds. Not you!"

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