Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Desert Diaries: The Journey Begins

Hello there!

It's been a reaallyyyy (please don't be mad over this!) long time since I last wrote anything. To be honest, it's been a really long time since I last did anything worthwhile, as I had been too busy, just goofing around, waiting for the session to start. Should start going for running! Will do once I have settled down. Should start doing Yoga! Will do once the session starts. Should start learning cooking! Will do once.....oh never going to do that! And it's been ten days here since I arrived here in Arizona and the status quo remains. Ah! Such true love for procrastination! A curse in disguise!

In my defense, I would say the last three years were filled with a lot of hustling and jostling. Hectic work schedules, mean co-workers, horrible bosses, preparing for exams, application processes, job switches and what not. It was just a little too much to have on my plate. And I felt totally exhausted by the end of it. Tired even to devote myself to my other interests such as music, literature and running. All I wanted to do and pretty much did was sleep, play FIFA, catch up with friends (enough to make them wish that I had left sooner), fall sick and visit all kinds of doctors. Pneumonia, Piles, Asthma, Wisdom tooth Removal, Root Canal, you name it, I had it. So in a way, there was still a lot on my plate, just different cuisines! Anyway, that phase is over now. And hopefully, over for good. Ever since my undergraduate days, I had wanted to go for Masters and here I am, a Computer Science graduate student at Arizona State University. Not bad, eh? This is a new start, something that is completely going to change my life, I am sure!

So with the start of the journey, I wanted to restore something in my life that I had given a miss over the past few months; Writing. It has always been something that comes to me in spurts. Comes fast and furious , and then disappears. (no pun intended! ) . And it doesn't feel perfect. (Again, no pun intended). Part of which is down to me trying to achieve perfection. I end up taking a lot of time and giving my everything and when I finally finish up, I feel totally exhausted and empty. Devoid of any ideas or energy to attempt another one. (no puns, trust me!) So from now on, I will just write and restrain myself to only a couple of editings. If it's good by then, fine. If not, then so be it. As they say, deal with your own shit!

I intend to maintain a journal over the duration of this journey. Can't commit to an entry-a-day, but I promise I will be as regular as I can. After all, I am sure this is going to be one hell of a ride and can't afford to miss living it and capturing it in my journal. So here's to the new start. Here's to living the dream.

Here's to, The Desert Diaries!