Thursday, July 25, 2013

Just Sleep It Away !!

It’s only 11 in the morning and the spirits are already crawling..
It’s only 11 in the morning and the heads are already falling..
Not listening a word what they have to say,
Here we are, sleeping the class away!!

Into the distant lands, our minds are sailing...
Those exotic places, our thoughts are trailing...
I so wish we could spend the day some other way
Damn! Here we are, sleeping the class away!!

Oh outside, it has started raining,
And we are trapped here inside, a matter of great mourning.
Omni suit , Omni this, Omni that,
Ah! Complete disarray!
But let’s not worry about that,
For now, let’s just sleep the class away!!

It’s evening now and in the last eight hours, there was so much to listen, so much to learn...
But we, we just watched the ceiling.
First benchers, last benchers alike,
All through the day, we were just sleeping.

This routine is going to continue for another month, as they say,
But days like today, we can take hope from,
We will always remember that there were days when our spirits crawled,
There were days when our minds stalled,
But despite all difficulties
We never panicked, never a hint of dismay,
We just continued with our way,
And slept the class away!!

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