Monday, April 15, 2013

The Ten Commandments - Being a Good Friend

1. Thou shalt share the same ideals and ethics (or the absence of them).

You became his friend in the first place due to this, always remember this.

2. Thou shalt be your friend's Partner- in- Crime. 

By crime, I mean crime. You have to help your friend execute every one of his pranks and plans. If you won't, who will?

3. Thou shalt be your friend's support on the last night before examination.

 If he isn't studying, why are you? Don't be this selfish man!!

4. Thou shalt hurl abuses towards your friend in his achievement (in case he manages one) 

People congratulate. Parents congratulate. But not friends. They abuse, vent out their justified anger (for reason: refer to commandment # 3), compose themselves, and put down the phone.

5. Thou shalt accompany your friend outside the classroom, ALWAYS.

 Will Can you let your friend have all the fun alone? Tell me, can you?

6. Thou shalt not pay for your friend. 

Why you should pay:
  • You have extra money.
  • You have less expenses of your own.
Why you shouldn't:
  • You don't want him to feel indebted to you. 
  • You want to him to know the ways of the world, where each man is for himself. 

7. Thou shalt put all the blame on your friend whenever possible.

You are no God-Man. You are just a human, and unfortunately his Friend. Better act like one.

8. Thou shalt understand your friend by the squint of his eye. 

 If you can't, then tell me what right do you have to be called a friend?

9. Thou shalt talk shit all the time, that makes no sense at all to anyone around you.

If you exhaust the quota of sensical-talks with your friends, then what will you be left with to talk with your parents huh? Right? Oh c'mon! You can thank me later!!

10. Thou shalt not let your friend do dope, drink, ALONE!!

 No matter what you are busy with, just throw it aside and go join your friend who's in need of some good company. Remember,
A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Post Script: The aforementioned views are author's personal opinion. If you find the article disturbing or in disagreement to your opinions, you can just go and burn in hell. Thank you.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

I Dream to be Free !!

All I dream is to be free
All I dream is to be free
Free, from all the pretensions,
all around
Free, from all the apprehensions,
pinning me down to the ground
For what all is out there
I just can't see
Ah! I so wish to be free
All I dream is to be free!

Pieces I am desperately trying to put together,
they just don't fit.
Freedom, freedom, I can't find it, I can't find it.
I've searched enough, I've run enough,
still can't see the dawn.
And when the lights are out and the smoke's gone
the curtains on this dream of mine, will forever be drawn.
I know, I just know.

In life, or after I die
I hope, someday, to find it.
For what all is out there
I can't bear to see
I so, so wish to be free
All I dream, is to be free!!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

All I Care About!!

'I' is the only one I am concerned about.
The world can go and fuck itself,
'I', 'Me', 'Myself' is all I've always cared about.
I can't afford to divert my concerns, you see
lest this world of mine should take a clout.
I should be the only one,
I care about.

But, sometimes, sometimes, I pretend to myself into becoming 'we'
'My friends', so I call, I begin to see.
'We', 'ours' are the words, I begin to shout,
Funnily enough, then, 'I' becomes something I begin to flout.
But, when the time comes,
I return to my old ways,
and drive out
any bloody cloud of doubt.
My conscience died,
to my wishes, my whole world tied,
I realize,
'I' was the only one,
'I' is the only one,
'I' has been the only one,
I have always, cared about.