Thursday, February 21, 2013

That Very Fine Valentine!!

Before starting with this, you might want to read the  Story So Far 

1850 Hrs:- Its dark, quiet and  just about the perfect setting for couples. Just, I don't see too many out here. In fact, I can't spot even a single one. Strange!

1900 Hrs:- In "the Circles" now, trying to explore the scenes around. Pretty much the same everywhere. Couples holding hands, looking all cute, cuddling, some kissing and what not!
                                        [Disgusting ! bah!]

                             "Why don't you get a room, fuckers"
                            "Why don't you get a girl, sucker!"
                                             [Okay! Sigh!]

1905 Hrs:- Red Alert! A bunch of girls (gang rather) coming and looks like they are checking me out ....yeah they are definitely....wait...maybe... [turns]  FML #2!

1910 Hrs:- Enough of these FML's! Let's just........grgrgrgrgrgrgrgrgrgrgrrgrrgrgr
Oh! So after the helpless-heart, it's the suffering-stomach crying tonight.
Did I tell you I haven't eaten anything since morning? Just saying.....

1915 Hrs:- There it is. Mcdonalds. Overflowing with those two's and three's. Let's find some place else.
                   KFC                 - FULL  OVERFLOWING

Guess the meal will have to have to wait for now. What next then? Amble through the Circle, shall we?

1923 Hrs:- So girls don't like to just amble, when they have a financier [read: Boyfriend] walking beside them, do they? There was this couple walking, when suddenly, one of those larger than life sale banners caught the eye of the mistress and I don't need to tell the rest of the story, I reckon. One smile. One sweet-sexy-yet-innocent-smile, is all that takes, to bring the whole world to their feet. Bitches!

1930 Hrs:- Block F, Block E, Block D....  different melody, but the same old song. Time to move onto the Central Attraction now- the Central Park.

1935 Hrs:- You know, being the heart of Connaught Place is not the only reason for coming to Central Park. Its reputation, of a being a voyeur's paradise, precedes it. So I am here pretty much for the latter to be honest.

1942 Hrs:- Inside Central Park and I have found what I was looking for. "The Sightings". Here, there, everywhere. Seems like Love Lust is in the air tonight.  

1947 Hrs:- "Ye kaisa zamana aa gaya hai yaar. Dekho zara is aaj ki generation ko. Shameless!!
  "In ladkiyon ka to ghar se nikalna band kar dena chahiye ghar se. Ghar ke kaam hi karen to sahi hai inke liye"
  " Haan. Aur tumhe pata hai ki ye aaj ki ye generation jo bahar ka khana specially chinese wagareh khaati hai, tabhi itne rape hote hain. Chinese khaane se........ 

I had heard enough of this Oldies' bullshit. And I had many things to say to them. But then I thought, "Just keep calm and be a voyeur."

2000 Hrs:- Phew! It's been quite some time since I have been walking (and watching), so I need a place to sit. I know a perfect place.

2005 Hrs:- "If there was a heaven, it's here, it's here, it's here....."
A large circle with stairs on one side and grassy slope on other, just about the perfect lighting, wind brushing across the sky. Just wow!

2020 Hrs:- Must admit, in spite of being single, with all the cuddly couples just close by, I could still sit here for hours. It's so awesome here. All this setting reminds me of one of the songs of Guns N Roses:-
                                              Take me down to the paradise city
                                        Where the grass is green and girls are pretty

Just the problem is, that those pretty girls are with not-so-pretty boys.

2021 Hrs:- I better get out of here now. Why? Because I AM HUNGRY!!!

2025 Hrs:- Two girls can never walk past each other just like that it seems. They'll check each other out, starting from bottom, all the way to the top, including the dress, make up, vital stats (dead sure of that), and then walk away with that bitch mode. Someone care to explain, why?

2030 Hrs:- I found a Bryan Adams poster. I found a Bryan Adams poster. I found a Bryan Adams poster........

2105 Hrs:- So finally a valentine gift (for me, by me) to savor. Bryan Adams, Guns N Roses and Einstein posters. Yes, yes, you read that right. Einstein!!  

"Hey can you tell me the way to Mcdonalds"
"There? okay thanks!"

2120 Hrs:- Mother of god! Can't they get their asses off there and just go home god damn it? There has been absolutely no change in the scenes here; same as it was an hour ago. I am dead tired and the only option I am left with is taking the next metro back to Dwarka. There's a McDonalds  there. If in luck, I'll get something to eat today. Lets Pray....

2125 Hrs:- Have entered the Rajiv Chowk metro station and to say this place looks different would be an understatement. Its nearly empty. Only some office goers going home. That's it. No trace of couples, anywhere. It's only 9:25 P.M and............. I am hungry.

2225 Hrs:- Dwarka sector 14: Back from where I started!

Oops! You see, I still haven't...never mind!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

One Fine Valentine!!

"So what are you doing this 14th, man?"
"Nothing, probably updating...what else are we 'singles' supposed to do?"
" pretty much man!!"
"You have no idea....."

It's that Valentine's day again...
It's that no-idea-what-to-do day again...
It's that thinking-what-could-have-been-and-what-there-really-is day again...
It's that full-on-licensed-day-dreaming day again...
It's that fucking Valentine's day again...
3 years and absolutely nothing to show for this day. No happy memories at all to remember this day by. But not this time. Something has to be done. And something will be done this time. Something.

"Hey, where are you going man?"
"Why, its 14th after all......"

1710 Hrs:- Dwarka Sector-14 Metro Station-- the board read. Why on earth have I come here? I don't know. But today, I won't think of all this. I have a train to catch. The train, that will take me somewhere, nowhere.

1720 Hrs:- Okay, so the compartment is less crowded than usual. Just a couple sitti....Oh wait...1...2...3..Can you believe it? 3 couples right here in this coach, which should now better be named as "The Cupid's Cubicle". Anyways, talking about the couples, well they all are whispering and smiling incessantly. Don't know, but looks to me, kind of one of those after-sex-little-sweet-somethings. Stupid if you ask me! If.....

1725 Hrs:- Lo, I think one of the girls has stood up to deboard....yes..she has now and....oh wait...that look on her boyfriend's face- PRICELESS!! Haha! But no, I must control myself as it must .....true love, which.... I know..... nothing of. Hence, it gives.... me .......right to .....laugh at .......the misery of someone............ in "True Love"....... Also it .....makes me... look ..... a .......little mean......can't control any longer man..... hahahaha!

1735 Hrs:- Now it's getting even more weird. You see that boy (whose girlfriend had deboarded) is staring at a greeting card (must have been given to him by his girl). Just the thing is, he's been doing this for 10 minutes. That makes 600 whole seconds. Emo!!

1737 Hrs:- Woohoo...A very hot chick has just entered and has sat in front of me. No phone, no greeting card, no stupid smile on her face....which just means one thing......
                                     "So whatcha doing tonight pretty lady?"

1750 Hrs:- This is interesting. It's been half an hour I guess, and that guy (whose girl had left) is now yawning, and yawning furiously. I think the effect of that greeting card has well subsided! Ha!

1753 Hrs:- The sun has set. So has the dream of having a college romance. Sigh!
                                  Kahin to......Kahin to... (somewhere, somewhere.....)
                                  Hogi wo............            (is my girl.....)

1755 Hrs:- It's all happening , right here, in our very own " Cupid's Cubicle ! It so happened that two guys (looked to me college types) sat beside me. I wasn't trying, but you see, just couldn't ignore this very interesting piece of typical-guys-conversation:-

                First One:- "Oye saamne dekh...dono kitni mast hain, us saamne wale platform pe" (Hey look there, what gorgeous chicks they are, there on that opposite platform)
                Second One:- "Haan bencho! ek dum faad!" (Yeah man , absolute treat)
                First One:- "Saale left waali pe nazar na daal....wo meri hai.."(Hey listen asshole, don't even dare to look at that left one, she's mine! )
                Second One:- "Theek hai...waise bhi mujhe right wali pasand hai...wo meri hai" (Ok, and anyways, I like the right one more, so she's mine)
                First One:- "Theek done!" (OK then, deal sealed!)
                Second One:- "Done" (Done)

And within a minute or so, the ownership of those two poor girls was decided. There and then. No questions asked. G.U.Y.S you see.

1800 Hrs:- "Rajendra Place. Doors will open on the left. Please mind the gap"
Holy shit! There's this super hot chick on that opposite platform. Long hair, Pink top and wait...with a guy who looks kind of...a bull...yes he's a freaking bull. He's that huge. How can someone be that huge, and bulky...Whatever!

1810 Hrs:- "Next Station is Rajiv Chowk....."
So this is where I deboard. All set with my Bazooka! "In Position"

1815 Hrs:- woho!  It's a massacre here. I can't recall the last time I saw the Rajiv Chowk Metro Station this crowded. People running everywhere.
                                                         Couples are flocking.
                                                         Singles are watching.
It seems as if the whole world is out here. I am having a hunch that it's going to be one hell of a day.
For the moment, let's just find BLOCK A exit gate!

1820 Hrs:- Goodness Gracious! Hoards and hoards of people moving across the entry/exit gates. I tell you it's crazy out here. But on second thoughts, why not? After all, these all are the gateways to The Connaught Place - the place that holds the famous Central Park, even more famous Circles and beating them all, the Starbucks Cafe! Yeah, if trends are anything to go by.....

1825 Hrs:- The sun has set and I am finally outside the metro station. It's all dark, crowded and somewhat chaotic. You need almost a minute to gather yourself and get used to the scenes like these. At least I do. It seems as if the whole of the Delhi has come down here tonight. So much for this 14th....moving along....

1831 Hrs:- There came the final nail in the coffin. And I should have seen it coming. This guy selling bouquets of flowers (offer being made only to couples passing by) offered one to the couple walking just in front of me. They, it seems, refused and walked away, leaving me in line of fire. There was that one moment when this guy offered, realized what he had done, withdrew and looked away.....FML!!

1840 Hrs:- So with everything happening at such pace, I need a breather. There's that park over Palika Bazar. Next stop!
                                                                                                            *To be Continued...

Post Script. - Got anything to say? Did you love this concept? Or was it plain boring? Well, don't keep that to you self. Just Blurt it out here. Would Love to hear it from you guys. As far as the rest of the story is concerned, it will be out soon. Till then, keep an eye on this Window side.