Monday, February 13, 2012

Just Do It ! (Or Not )

When was the last time you did something so stupid that you found yourself short of any convincing arguments to justify it to others? Or worse, even to yourself? Admit it, at some point of time in your life, you must have done at least something that now in retrospection looks nothing short of sheer absurdity. Utterly maniacal! And now if I were to ask you the reason behind it, with insistence and persistence, it all would come down to just one answer -

"I don't know why I did it. Just seemed right at the moment and so I did it. Simple !"
I too have had many moments to qualify in this scenario. But today, every line of stupidity, every limit to something that defies straight thinking, was crossed .

Well it happened something like this. Was sitting in the classroom, enjoying the window side view (second best thing after the corridor- ambling you know). Felt, as if the window needed to be opened and so, I did it. And who'd have known that this was to be my last act, eligible in the category of perfectly normal. So as i pushed open the window pane, Whoosshhh....blew the cold air straight onto my face, almost pushing me back ( Well Almost !). And then, don't know why, I just looked down upon the ever- so- inviting Granite Floor and impulsively, it occurred to me -- I Gotta Jump.

"Okay jump, but when you're gone, I'll keep your phone".
"Hey man, your ja
cket is nice. This is going to be mine. Mind it everyone".
"You've got a new bag too. I'll have it."
"Hey bro, i don't want anything. Just need your Guitar -Tuner. "
"Hey listen up fellas, so the bet's on. Put up your money. C'mon Quick ! "

 Fast forward 30 minutes. Everyone had congregated.The word had leaked. I don't know what had kept me up there for so long. I guess it was the betting part that had started to excite me. I thought, well declared-- "Show me the money, and I'll give you the show ". Fair eh? And then someone said "Here's your 100 bucks. Now we want the show". I slipped the money into my pocket, two sips of water, and I was out.

It had been an unbelievable turn of events, so to say. And quite expectedly (well yes, I admit I had anticipated the response ), this time, upon entering the classroom, there were faces with all kinds of emotions- some astound, some happy, others excited, and one, sad (yes yes sad, remember the one who lost his 100 bucks ), but all, amid the loud cheers. It all had been such a flurry of events, that it made a blur. The Window, the View, the bets and ....THE JUMP. And yes, talking about the jump, it was a matter of seconds, or maybe, even less. Thump. I had landed, and by God's grace, safely. I Had Done It ! As I looked up, I saw my friends cheering. Straightaway checked my pockets, and much to my relief, found the 100 buck note wrinkled in there, somewhere. And So, it was real, though felt nothing less than surreal. Great!

Now, as I sit in the comfort of a quilt, I have to accept that it was outright stupid to do that. All I'd say is, I couldn't help. I wanted to jump, and, I jumped. End of discussion.Or not? Well well, it's high time we all opened up our minds a little bit. With the newly found popularity and the 100 bucks (Ah! I keep coming back to it. Can't help!), it all looked good till I realized the flip side of the Jump 'n Earn-

1. Till now, everyone thought I was crazy. Now........they knew.
2. From now on, no one would bet on me, ever and free jumps dont sound that good an option to me, just saying.
3. life is much much muchhhhh more precious than 100 bucks (Yeah yeah, I just said that.)

So after weighing the pros and cons, it hurts, but all I'd say is-

This is an message to all of my readers. The jump that i did (and other things that i usually do) takes years of practice to perfect and to do safely(pun intended).I urge all of my readers to never try to copy what i did at home, or at school.



* In case you find the bet lucrative, well, I hope then you are smart enough!