Monday, April 19, 2010

I'm An Engineer !!!

As a child everyone grows to be a Lawyer or an Engineer
Some may want to become a Scientist or a Doctor senior
Some are interested in becoming a Rockstar
Well for glory ,fame and status
Probably thats the best "Avataar"

In our life a day surely arrives
When we have to decide
Whats Wrong and whats Right
Which option suits the Best
Should we follow our Heart or
Walk down the path chosen by the rest.....

If you wanna be a good Lawyer
You gotta be a good Manipulator
You gotta know how to turn wrong to right
You gotta know how to convince,how to keep cool in situations tight
if you wanna be a star shining Bright....
Don't think you can????
Well just drop this plan.....

What's the option next???? M.B.B.S
A study that goes on and on for years
A study that is characterized by pressure peer
I wonder who can bear a punishment so severe
Unless you wanna end your life in a book
I dont think this option is even worth of a look.....!!!!

What's left then???? Engineering
Logics ,Algorithm ,codes
B.O.E , B.M.E , Analog
Just have a look around
And to a life we all dream of.....
Leading are endless roads.....

So after much thought
a mind battle hard fought
Engineering for me---It was finally decided
From that day every other interest subsided
Never the attention again divided
And in my heart just one dream resided
A dream that seemed so far yet so near
One day I would say
Yes--I'm an Engineer !!!

Now into the second semester
Knocking on the third one's door
Life's been a party for sure !!!
Ain't no need for much study
No heavy load unless you are a "Nerdy"
Life's never been this busy
Things have never seemed this easy
Never in my life felt this Blissful
Nights were never this Peaceful
Every morning wake to a new hope , a new start, but with the same old dream
A dream that with each passing day seems more and more near
Someday I would say
Yes--I'm an Engineer !!!!

G.D's, Assignments , Presentation--that's all they need
Nothing to fear
The topics seem weird yet interesting
If only a little more attention to them ya heed !!!
Every research is reserved for the last night
Win or Lose....Pass or Fail
either way chances are bright
To make things worse,we have a Facebook
And one more way to let the time get off the hook !!!

Exams arrive and with them the "Sleepless Nights"
Seems strange but I wonder why even the night bulb glows so bright
But whatever it is, a Major or a Minor
Everything's just a four day hell
After that things are to back to good ,
"All izzz Well"

I believe in living life on the Edge
It's fun.....
Don't know what but there's something that keeps me
from falling on the wrong side of Wedge
Maybe it's the same old dream
The dream that's still far yet so near
A degree in my hand , smile on my face
Someday I would say
Yes--I'm an Engineer !!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Chem. Carnage

Still the memories of that first lecture fresh in my mind
The Chem. class......much awaited
Hey !! Just watch out for the prof......everyone stated
I wondered if he really is a professor stereotype
Or just another hype !!!!

Finally came the professor Narulla
And almost in a few moments it was clear
He was gonna be our Mr Cruella.....

Glasses resting on that crooked nose
You mess with him
And you are surely gonna get a solid dose !!!!
Whenever he gives you that wicked smile
Is he really here to teach us Chemistry or something else
You will wonder for a while.....
If by chance rings somebody's cell
Or midway our professor is disrupted
Man .....i tell ya ....breaks loose all tha hell
And all volcanoes are errupted......!!!!
You fool !!!Get out
Comes the inevitable inescapable shout .....
As he watches you with those frowning scary eyes
Just pray !!!! Coz. thats precisely when you would want
Some help from the skies !!!!

He is the Backmaster.....say the record books
Only once checked the Majors
A handful pass and rest all fail
Seemed as if "Backs" were on a sale !!!

Sometimes I wonder what makes this man sulk !!!
Why his anger makes him look just like an aged Hulk???
Any unfulfilled pleasure??
Maybe sleepless nights.....
Or has he lost some treasure??
Perhaps he has to bear the routine family fights....

Whatever be the reason
I've never seen this man change...
Come may any season....

As long as there are these Teachers B**ls**t
One can't blame the students if after years of Reappear..
One day they say------I Quit !!!!
But one thing you remember Sir
You will surely continue to receive suck flak
Till you continue to walk off the right Track......
Never you will get Anybody's "Thank You "or "Good Luck"
Coz. deserve only one thing............."You S**k"

This is the price you gotta pay Prof. Narulla ..
Till you remain our own Mr. CRUELLA.......