Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Beyond A Code

Have you ever thought, beyond a code ??
Have you ever thought, what's gonna happen as the wraps of Time unfold ??
Have you ever thought of tryin', what you actually wanted to do in your lifetime ??
What is it that defines your life ??
Have you ever really thought......This Fine ???

Perhaps you never realized, when your life, lost in the Traps of Mediocrity
When your urge to follow your Heart ceased, even died your Tenacity
When Time continued to pace ahead, but your life struck to a Standstill
When it was nothing, nothing at all, that you found to challenge your will.

Several Hundred thousands of long tries
after what you got this human life
And only to survive , you let die your soul
But in the end , what it meant for ??
Nothing at All.

Is it that in your life, you desired ??
To live all through, sans a passion
To live all through, an illusion
Is it , that in your life, you desire??

Well deep down somewhere, you know
That it ain't nothin', but a no
Then why not, today make a start
After all, it's never too late to follow your Heart
For once, try to think beyond a code
For once, try a different road
For once, break the shackles, that from the world, closin' you
A whole new world that you can escape to
One merged in Yang, painted in Colour
Beautiful and Soulful than anything else
A world any other.

So go out and make a start
After all, it's never too late to follow your Heart
Maybe, all you need is a canvas,
to imprint the world upon you perceive
Perhaps, a Quill to tell the world, what you believe
Or you could choose a Guitar, and let the strings strum forever
Trust me, there won't be a place for voids in your life, ever.

Several Hundred thousands of long tries
after what you got this human life
All's up to you
where you can make head to
You could choose to LIVE A LIFE
and make it ROLL
Or you choose
Nothing at All......

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Theatre Of Dreams

There's somethin' about it....
Somethin' really strange
Be it the Holy Drops, or the Hailing Stones.....
The Lightning Storms, or those Thunderous Storms....
There's somethin' mystical.... .. mysterious as ever
that can get you fascinated like a kid......
captivated forever.....
Just behold its sight at the dawn
Or when the moon's ready to come on....
As you see this canvas of life coloured by the Almighty....
Can't help but to stand, Awestruck, and adore this beauty.

But beyond this eternal beauty....somethin' much more, it exemplifies
Just need to open up those "boxes", and you'll get to know so much that it signifies...
You may shout as much as you can at this sky
Surely you feel liberated, better than ever...
But never , ever will it return the favour
Silence........will all you get in reply.....
No matter how far above the horizon you may go....
Always remember that
beneath those "endless heights", you'll always....always be low...
Makes you realize no matter how large your dreams may be
You will always be like a "drop in the sea" .

But.....above all nothing better than this could ever be
As I extend my arms feelin' this "infinte space" over me...
I feel free to an extent I could ever have wanna be..
I can see in it whatever i wanna see...
The only reason I call it my own " theatre of dreams".....

Friday, June 4, 2010

Tomorrow's Gonna Be Better !!

Sittin' by the window pane
Tried to sleep.....could not
As I watched the world go by
Never really realized when my mind
drifted down the memory lane....

Visions hurried across my mind
of all those years, those places that I've left behind....
Flashbacks to those School days....
Those unforgettable days
When we were young, wild spirits flyin' high
Nothing could stop us....
Not even the sky..
All those friends, those classes....
Those breaks, those B'day parties....
Certainly haven't forgotten those Corridors
Yes... I do remember 'em all....
Seems just like yesterday....
But now I realize that these are just memories
that deep down my heart are forever to stay.....
Life has been, is now, and will perhaps go on and on this way .....

God knows I'm not the only one
We all say we miss our School days
But one thing we all tend to forget
that life cannot return us those years
no matter how hard try we may....
Then why not live each and every moment now
so that Tomorrow comes off better !!!
Why not just for a moment forget
what all went by and what's all gonna come later !!!
Why depend on those nostalgic memories for a smile
when we can try to make Good Times Come Alive all this while....!!!

Well all I know is.....
if good things went by....
The Tomorrow's gonna be even better
I dont care what happened before
"Now" is the only thing that Matters !!!
That's it !!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

At Times.....

At times when you just can't help.....
At times when surrounded by clouds of doubt you find yourself.....
At times when everything you do seems to go in vain......
At times when there's no end to the miseries
and life goes on inflicting more and more pain....

Those are the times when you gotta believe
that come may any can deceive......
Just have faith in God , the God within yourself......
And even from the nooks of darkness....surely you'll find the help !!!!

At times when you don't get what you desire....
At times when things just begin to go haywire....
At times when your every plan comes crashing to the ground....
At times when you don't find, no matter how hard you search around

Those are the times when you gotta believe
That come may any problem .... you can deceive
Just don't give up.....and fight and fight till you drop....
Whatever happens.....just don't lose Hope

Sometimes you know the sun will shine.....
Sooner or later thing will be fine....
But still the agitation grows to such an extent...
Even the strongest of beliefs go for a dent....

Those are the times when you gotta remember....
Greatest of victories come only after hardest of battles...
Sometimes after horrendous of storms only , life settles....
It ain't nothing, but a wave of life...
When one moment you are in the depths of hell
Other moment you can be riding high.....
So just dont lose hope....that's all you need.....
You gotta have faith.....have a belief
That come may any can deceive......

Monday, April 19, 2010

I'm An Engineer !!!

As a child everyone grows to be a Lawyer or an Engineer
Some may want to become a Scientist or a Doctor senior
Some are interested in becoming a Rockstar
Well for glory ,fame and status
Probably thats the best "Avataar"

In our life a day surely arrives
When we have to decide
Whats Wrong and whats Right
Which option suits the Best
Should we follow our Heart or
Walk down the path chosen by the rest.....

If you wanna be a good Lawyer
You gotta be a good Manipulator
You gotta know how to turn wrong to right
You gotta know how to convince,how to keep cool in situations tight
if you wanna be a star shining Bright....
Don't think you can????
Well just drop this plan.....

What's the option next???? M.B.B.S
A study that goes on and on for years
A study that is characterized by pressure peer
I wonder who can bear a punishment so severe
Unless you wanna end your life in a book
I dont think this option is even worth of a look.....!!!!

What's left then???? Engineering
Logics ,Algorithm ,codes
B.O.E , B.M.E , Analog
Just have a look around
And to a life we all dream of.....
Leading are endless roads.....

So after much thought
a mind battle hard fought
Engineering for me---It was finally decided
From that day every other interest subsided
Never the attention again divided
And in my heart just one dream resided
A dream that seemed so far yet so near
One day I would say
Yes--I'm an Engineer !!!

Now into the second semester
Knocking on the third one's door
Life's been a party for sure !!!
Ain't no need for much study
No heavy load unless you are a "Nerdy"
Life's never been this busy
Things have never seemed this easy
Never in my life felt this Blissful
Nights were never this Peaceful
Every morning wake to a new hope , a new start, but with the same old dream
A dream that with each passing day seems more and more near
Someday I would say
Yes--I'm an Engineer !!!!

G.D's, Assignments , Presentation--that's all they need
Nothing to fear
The topics seem weird yet interesting
If only a little more attention to them ya heed !!!
Every research is reserved for the last night
Win or Lose....Pass or Fail
either way chances are bright
To make things worse,we have a Facebook
And one more way to let the time get off the hook !!!

Exams arrive and with them the "Sleepless Nights"
Seems strange but I wonder why even the night bulb glows so bright
But whatever it is, a Major or a Minor
Everything's just a four day hell
After that things are to back to good ,
"All izzz Well"

I believe in living life on the Edge
It's fun.....
Don't know what but there's something that keeps me
from falling on the wrong side of Wedge
Maybe it's the same old dream
The dream that's still far yet so near
A degree in my hand , smile on my face
Someday I would say
Yes--I'm an Engineer !!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Chem. Carnage

Still the memories of that first lecture fresh in my mind
The Chem. class......much awaited
Hey !! Just watch out for the prof......everyone stated
I wondered if he really is a professor stereotype
Or just another hype !!!!

Finally came the professor Narulla
And almost in a few moments it was clear
He was gonna be our Mr Cruella.....

Glasses resting on that crooked nose
You mess with him
And you are surely gonna get a solid dose !!!!
Whenever he gives you that wicked smile
Is he really here to teach us Chemistry or something else
You will wonder for a while.....
If by chance rings somebody's cell
Or midway our professor is disrupted
Man .....i tell ya ....breaks loose all tha hell
And all volcanoes are errupted......!!!!
You fool !!!Get out
Comes the inevitable inescapable shout .....
As he watches you with those frowning scary eyes
Just pray !!!! Coz. thats precisely when you would want
Some help from the skies !!!!

He is the Backmaster.....say the record books
Only once checked the Majors
A handful pass and rest all fail
Seemed as if "Backs" were on a sale !!!

Sometimes I wonder what makes this man sulk !!!
Why his anger makes him look just like an aged Hulk???
Any unfulfilled pleasure??
Maybe sleepless nights.....
Or has he lost some treasure??
Perhaps he has to bear the routine family fights....

Whatever be the reason
I've never seen this man change...
Come may any season....

As long as there are these Teachers B**ls**t
One can't blame the students if after years of Reappear..
One day they say------I Quit !!!!
But one thing you remember Sir
You will surely continue to receive suck flak
Till you continue to walk off the right Track......
Never you will get Anybody's "Thank You "or "Good Luck"
Coz. deserve only one thing............."You S**k"

This is the price you gotta pay Prof. Narulla ..
Till you remain our own Mr. CRUELLA.......

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Why ???

Sometimes i think to myself
What have i become......???
Why dont you take me seriously....
Why am i just a joker to some ????

Whenever you wanna play card
I am there....
Whenever you wanna listen to my guitar
I am there....
Whenever gone are all folks
and you turn to me for a talk
I still there....
But i know you are not here to stay
coz' for you ma' spend some time....
I am just another way....

Whenever i am alone....
Why nobody wishes to care????
I dont understand whenever i wanna chat....
Why is everyone busy???
Somebody gotta tell me that...
Why??? Why????
When i search for someone....
Why is nobody there ????

Everyone has a boyfriend
hehe .... I know thats the latest trend
But all i need is a friend
A friend so special....
For me who cares....
With me everything who shares...
And who is devoid of these diplomatic layers !!!

When i write a poem
You say-- aye Mr Composer !!!
Feels good....
But when i am alone....
I feel like a loser.....
Wonder if i should ???

Well just because i do things my way
Is this the price i have to pay ???
From here where do i go now you say.....

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Is There An End ????

C kya kuch kam thi jo aaya ab Data Structure....
C ne kiya dimaag crack...whats next---surely a mind fracture..

LPP se seekh li--baitha main on first bench...
Coz this time I was damn sure....this ain't no French..
Socha why not give a whole new start to this first lecture..
Kya pata tha mujhe ki thodi der mae hi band hone lagenge
mere aakhon ke aperture !!!!

Teacher ne padana shuru kiya....
And surprisingly!!! mujhe samajh aana shuru hua.....
Bas jaise hi aayi Addition ki baari.....
Meri aashayen.....meri khushiyan ud gayi saari....

Bahut koshish ki ke kuch to samajh aaye...
Par saala ye D.S hai ki bheje mae na jaaye....!!!
Naye function sunne ko mile----ek tha Avail....
But it was too late....dimaag ke purje to ho chuke the fail....

Teacher boli har roz 2 ghante padoge to hi ye D.S . samajh aayegi...
warna is subject mae to pukka Back aayegi....

LPP, ED....and now D.S. ....goes on and on my story...
Top to shayad kabhi kar sakta nahin....
Perhaps these poems will someday lead me to Glory....
Who knows !!!!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Story Continues !!!

After LPP comes the ED's turn..
Oh!! at first it seemed so much fun...
But now these lines just make my blood burn..
Ever i try to learn..
Am never able to think beyond a pentagon!!!

Pehle sem mae to saath waale ne paas karaya..
Socha chalo kisi tarah to is pehli jung mae ED ko haraya..
Pr teacher ne to pehle din aate hi jhatka diya..
Kaha tum sab to fail the...maine tumhe paas kiya!!!

Ud gaye sabke hosh..
Baithe sab khaamosh..
Socha is sem mae na pade to ye ED to watt lagaegi..
Pehli baar to bach gaye... is baar to pucca hi Back aayegi..

Kya hoti hain ye Hatching lines,Auxillary Planes ????
50 baar pad liya ....still all in vain...
Padne baitho to lagta hai jaise
Sochne ki power ho gayi hai drain..
Aur brain karne lagta hai zoron se pain!!!

Par main bhi kuch kam nahin yaaron
Chahe abhi khaane chitt hain chaaron
Aakhri waqt tak ladunga
Aakhir mae hi padunga
Abhi to poora semester mauj lunga
Kuch bhi ho back na aane dunga !!!

Bas ye sem kat jaye kisi tarah..
Fir to agli lohri pe hi kaam aayegi ye N.D.Bhatt...
Oh!! ye soch ke hi kitni khushi hoti h..
ki tab tak ye ED ka system hamesha ke liya ho chuka hoga shut......

Sunday, January 10, 2010

LPP ki kahani.....meri zubani...

Oh me from this LPP...
Aage kuch bhi ho whatever it may be...

Ye bounded unbounded kya hai..
aata nai kuch samajh....
Kahan x1,x2,x3 ki duniya mae
gaya main ulajh.....

Baitha main on last bench...
Aakhir kya hai ye....mathematics ya French...????

Koi to batao mujhe kya hai ye....
Koi to samjhao mujhe kya hai ye...

Bhagwaan agar yahi haal raha to aa jayegi Back...
Aur fir mummy papa kahenge why on earth its always the studies in which you lack....

For now.....all i can do is pray..
and say.....

Oh me from this LPP..
aage kuch bhi ho whatever it may be....!!!!!